Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Your Summer Hair Survival Guide

We are in the middle of summer, and so we thought we would share some tips for maintaining fabulous hair during these hot summer months:

1. Conditioning your hair is a must during the summer months. Use an intensive conditioning agent, like our Vitamin-Fortified Black Castor Oil Conditioner and an intensive treatment once per week. Tip:  Mix our Vitamin-Fortified Conditioner with the JBCO Oil with no additives for a deep conditioning treatment. 

2. For our sisters with relaxed hair: Go for a style with great shape, that makes every strand fall into place. Apply a little of our Herbal Gro Pomade to give your hair that ultimate shine and bounce without that greasy effect and feel.

3. Tip for our natural hair sisters: Keep our hair moisturized by purchasing a spray bottle; fill it with water and our Vitamin-Fortified Black Castor Oil Conditioner. Spray it on your hair throughout the day to seal in moisture and to prevent your strands from drying out in the sun.

4. For our Caucasian sisters:  Try to limit your use of the blow dryer and flat iron. The air is more moist in the summer months and so it may take longer to dry and style your hair; which can result in further drying and damage. However, if you absolutely must use styling tools, then liberally apply a heat protectant like our Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, beforehand.

4. If you go swimming, be sure to thoroughly rinse out the chlorine or salt water immediately to prevent breakage or any serious damage to your hair.

The most important tip this summer is to keep your hair conditioned and moisturized!

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